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FAST 3.3 Released

FAST 3.3 Released

Huntsville, AL – November 16, 2020 – Ternion® Corporation is pleased to announce the release of version 3.3 of FAST™, a FLAMES-based commercial simulation that serves as the central constructive simulation in live-virtual-constructive (LVC) training exercises.

Customers with an active subscription license for FAST may contact customer support to receive version 3.3. If you are not a user and are interested in trying FAST, you may request a no-cost 30 day evaluation license by following the instructions on this page.

FAST 3.3 Enhancements

Multiple TPS-59 Connections. FAST 3.3 provides the ability to drive more than one external command and control (C2) system using the TPS-59 Interface. FAST operators can now create multiple AN/TPS-59 Radar Units within a scenario and specify different interface parameters for each Radar Unit to use when interacting with more than one C2 system.

TPS-80 Interface. FAST 3.3 introduces initial support for a TPS-80 Interface. The initial operating capability includes the ability to model AN/TPS-80 Radar Units and to drive more than one C2 system (one for each simulated Radar Unit) with TPS-80 messaging. When completed, the interface will support the entire TPS-80 message specification, including radar control messages.

JREAP-C Message Enhancements. Several enhancements were made to the JREAP-C interface messaging capability, including the addition of new properties, an updated scenario database, and improved workflow.

Radar Definition Commands. Additional commands have been added for Radar Units, which provides expanded capability.

Save Dynamically Created Units. Operators may choose to automatically save Units that they create while a scenario is executing.

Delete Scenarios in FAST. The Scenario menu now includes a new menu item that facilitates quick deletion of FAST scenarios from the database.

Status Window Improvements. The Status Windows in FAST 3.3 now include a “Clear All Filters” button, which allows filters to be cleared with a single mouse click. The pop-up menu for the Air Status, Land Status, and Sea Status windows has also been modified to include Center View To Unit and Track Unit In View menu items.

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