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FLAMES 20.0 Released

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – December 16, 2021 – Ternion® Corporation, developers of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) simulation software for defense, aerospace, transportation, and research and development organizations, proudly announce the release of version 20.0 of their flagship simulation platform FLAMES®. This release offers improvements and updates that simplify creating, controlling, and executing FLAMES scenarios.

FLAMES version 20.0 is now available to all customers with an active FLAMES subscription and a Windows® operating system. Users can contact Ternion’s customer support to receive version 20.0 at no additional cost. If you are not an active FLAMES user, you may request a no-cost evaluation copy version 20.0 of FLAMES Runtime Suite or FLAMES Development Suite by visiting www.ternion.com.

Significant enhancements available in FLAMES 20.0 include:

Embedded World Map

FLAMES 20.0 includes an embedded world map shown by default within FORGE and FLASH. This map allows users to quickly differentiate between landmasses and bodies of water without the requirement to load terrain within a scenario.

Collaborative Entity Editing

FLAMES 20.0 includes a significant new feature associated with the Network Database Option. Users of this option can now configure their network database servers to support collaborative entity editing between multiple instances of FORGE. This feature makes building large-scale scenarios more manageable by dividing work among numerous users.

Improved Multithreading Support

Several existing functions within the FLAMES API have been updated to be compatible with the FLAMES Multithreading Option. These additions give developers even more opportunities to take advantage of the numerous processing units available on modern systems.

Simplified Entity Development

Internal changes have been made to the base FEntity class so that it now includes default functions for reading and writing to the database (IO) and displaying and retrieving values from the user interface (UI). This feature reduces complexity and saves time for most developers by removing the need means that most developers will no longer be required to implement their own custom IO and UI methods when developing a new entity model.

Memory Saving Enhancements

Multiple enhancements in version 20.0 reduce the amount of memory required by FLAMES-based applications, especially working with scenarios containing large numbers of units.

New Command Input Options

FLAMES 20.0 includes new options to provide more control over how the Command Editor interprets command inputs.

Jewel Enhancements

Version 20.0 includes several enhancements to Jewel, the FLAMES graphical user interface (GUI) subsystem, giving developers more tools to customize the user interfaces associated with their models.

A complete list of updates is available in the “What’s New in Version 20.0?” section of the FLAMES version 20.0 documentation.

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