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FLAMES 19.0 Released

Huntsville, AL – February 11, 2021 – Ternion® Corporation is excited to announce the release of FLAMES® version 19.0. This newest version introduces improvements and updates that make it even easier to create, execute, visualize, and control FLAMES scenarios.

FLAMES version 19.0 is available to all customers with an active software subscription and a Windows operating system®. Users can contact customer support to receive version 19.0 at no additional cost. If you are not an active FLAMES user, click here for instructions on how to request a no-cost evaluation copy of the FLAMES Runtime Suite or the FLAMES Development Suite.

A complete list of the updates can be found in the “What’s New in Version 19.0?” section of the FLAMES documentation when FLAMES 19.0 is installed. Continue reading for a summary of the enhancements available in FLAMES version 19.0.

FLAMES 19.0 Enhancements

Support for CIGI
Version 19.0 introduces the new CIGI option, which allows FLAMES-based simulations to interact with Image Generators using the Common Image Generator Interface (CIGI) protocol.

Improved Multithreading Support
This update includes support for accessing more than 64 threads, threading of more internal routines, and reduced memory associated with FLAMES entities. Additional controls provide the ability to fine tune multi-threaded performance.

Network Database Enhancements
FLAMES version 19.0 adds the FLAMES Network Database Manager utility to manage server instances. Other additions include the ability to run multiple network database servers on a single machine, support to run network database servers as additional Windows user accounts, and internal optimizations.

Sensor Coverage Improvements
Enhancements have been added to the Sensor Coverage Option, including reduced amount of time needed to compute coverage areas, minor bug fixes, and workflow enhancements.

Working Directory Accessibility
FLAMES version 19.0 introduces a toolbar button and menu item to FORGE and FLASH to provide easy access to the FLAMES Working Directory.

New Functions for Developers
New Functions have been introduced, including Jewel functions, model-specific logging, and additional coordinate transformation functions.

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